Historic Timeline

  • Chun Yu Works established

    Chun Yu Works was established in 1949 in Kangshan, southern of Taiwan, and has been in fastener industry for seventy years . Chun Yu Group has subsidiaries  in China, Indonesia and the United State, offering products to more than sixty countries.  
  • Set up a pilot plant for MIM

    In 1994, Chun Yu Works set up a pilot plant for MIM (Metal Injection Molding) in Chicago, USA, where local consultants provided technical transfer and developed new material applications and process improvements.
  • The pilot plant moved

    In 1999, the pilot plant moved to the Chino, California, from Chicago, and scale up to production plant for the official business.
  • Production capacity expansion

    In view of market trends, the factory moved back to Taiwan in 2003, spring plant, and purchase additional equipment to expand production capacity.
  • Chun Yu Bio-tech was established

    In 2008, Chun Yu Bio-tech was established to further integrate the MIM from the existing business into various applications.
  • System introduction 

    In order to implement the traceability of product production, ERP, Shopflow and PLM were introduced.
  • Join Taiwan Steel Group.
  • Product development

    More than 600 products have been successfully developed, applied in various industries, and continue to be developed.
  • Expand production capacity

    In response to the rapid growth of the MIM market, it has greatly expanded production line equipment and expands .